G T:
Selected generative typography projects between 2011 and 2014 by Kyuha Shim

Contemporary graphic design practices encompass computational thinking and parametric design methods from digital fonts to tools and effects built in software applications. As designers program their own tools for their needs, the computer has become more than a tool: it is a medium that translates designers' logic into computational systems that automate their abstractions.

G T demonstrates possibilities of generative form-giving in typography through algorithmic and real-time formations. Form is defined by ranges of values in parameters, becoming flexible and iterative, as the changing values respond to data.

online _ Wired, Design Observer
in print _ GRAPHIC 34: XS, form 256

Past exhibitions:
Cooper Hewitt National Design Triennial, Beijing Design Week: International Poster, GRAPHIC: XS, London Design Festival, RCA Research Biennial, SHAPE, Graphics RCA 50, JVE's A2 Duplicator

ADAA, A'design award, AIGA BoNE Show, Core77 design award, Graphis, idesignawards, ISTD, red dot, Tokyo TDC, output award